Sunrise Beauty Team Training

Sunrise Beauty Team Training

Getting Customers and Team Members

Maximizing Your Warm Market

Getting in Your 5X5 Contacts

Networking to Build Your Business

How Do People Know YOU Are the Avon Lady? 

The Value of Brochures 

Getting Customers in Businesses and Schools

Vendor Events Made Easy

Increasing Sales

Sample Success 

Follow Up Resolutions 

Maximizing Your Avon Brochures

Follow Up to Build Your Business

Take Advantage of Training Opportunities


Help Your Customers Get Summer Ready 

Skipping the Summer Slump 

 Planning for a Successful Holiday Selling Season

 Keeping up Sales After the Holidays


Each campaign I do a video featuring New and Favorite products, you can view them here 

And I do videos focused on a single product, you can view those here

Helping Your Avon Customers Choose Colors

Clothing and Shoe Sizes


Customer Service

Taking Advantage of Direct Delivery in your Avon business

How to Find the Best Price for Your Customers

Are Your Customers Wondering if You Are Still in Business?

Dealing with Discontinued Products

Creating Value

When the Best Service is Not to Serve 

Professional Phone Practices 

Just Right Follow Up 

Get to Know Your Customers


Social Media

Using Social Media for Your Avon Business

Quick Tip ~ Using Customer Questions

   Are you driving sales to someone else's website?


Business Management

How do I get paid as an Avon Representative?

Quick Tip ~ How to see your balance detail

 How to Use Groups to Organize Your Avon Customers

When to Give your customers the New Avon Brochure 

 Do You Know Your Hot Points?

How to Change the Service Charge or Sales Tax on Your Customer Invoices 

FAQ ~ Income Taxes and Your Avon Business

Making Smart Investments in Your Business

Building a Balanced Calendar for Your Home Based Business 

Handling Shipment Delays 

Customer Order Delivery Tips 

Benefits of Using Bulk Mail for Your Business 

Set up a Product Watch List

Working Your Business While Traveling

Your Accounting System

Tips for Managing Your Schedule

Processing Returns

How to Add a Video to Your eStore

How to get Images to use in Your Avon Business 

Quick Tip ~ What's in that bundle? 

Get the Most out of Your What's New Brochure 

Are you giving away the store?

Choosing an Order Day 


 Recruiting and Leadership


Mindset and Motivation

What did you really sell?

New Incentives and Why Focus on Digital

Hesitant About Recruiting?

Are You Offering the Gift Of Avon? 

Your Business is Flexible, Not Optional

Are you committed to building your business or just letting it happen (or not)

Frustration is a Part of Business

  Are Assumptions Holding You Back in Your Business?

  "Walmart is CLOSING?!" - guest post by Defining Women Founder Kathlyn Jaramillo

Business or Hobby?

What's in Your Bathroom?

Failing Your Way to Success 

Persisting Through Obstacles in Your Business 

Who are you sharing your frustration with? 


Other Exciting Things 😉

Chris Arnold
Avon Independent Sales Leader
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