Monday, November 6, 2017

Vendor Events Made Easy

 Keep Your Events Simple

At a recent vendor event I made a short video showing my display and sharing ideas on how to keep your events simple. Often representatives hesitate to do craft shows or community events because they feel they have to have an elaborate display, or a lot of stock for on hand sales. Even the most simple displays can result in a successful event if used properly. 

My Tips for Event Success

  • The most important things to have on your table are brochures and a way to collect people's contact information.  If you have these 2 things you can have conversations with the people at the event, share the brochure and get their information for follow up.
  • Add height to your display.  Rather than displaying all of your product on one level on the table top, look for ways to add height and visual interest to your display. While the risers that I use in my display are purchased specifically for that purpose there are lots of inexpensive options available to you. Starting with the boxes our orders ship in You can arrange them on the table before putting on your table cloth to add an extra level to the display.  Decorative boxes and stands can be found at craft and home decor stores as well as the dollar store. You can also use everyday house hold items such as candle holders or even a vase turned upside down. 
  • The number of products on display doesn't matter. Have a few things that you are excited to talk about or that are top sellers for you. Cover multiple product lines if possible to appeal to a wider variety of people. It doesn't even need to be the latest and greatest thing. Many people who you meet either haven't seen a book in a long time or may even be new to Avon so anything can be new to them. 
  • If you are going to have stock on hand, don't pile everything on the table. Keep duplicate items under the table to keep your display from looking cluttered.
  • Stand up at your table, in front of the table if possible.  Stay off your mobile devices and be careful about getting too involved in conversation with helpers and other vendors. You want your table or booth to be inviting and tables with distracted vendors tend to be less inviting. And you don't want to miss your next best customer or team member because you were checking Facebook when they walked by. 
  • Be sure to bring your smile and a positive attitude. Smile at everyone and say hello/good morning/how are you today to every one, even if they don't look at your table. If they walk by greet them with a smile. The perfect event is rare so make the most of the event that you have, no matter how imperfect it may be.  If you dwell on whatever may be less than perfect it will affect your success at the event. If you focus on the most important thing, talking to as many people as you can and making the most of those contacts you will have the best possible event.
I will add an additional thought about cash and carry at events. If what you are looking for at an event is new customers who are going to continue to order from you, remember you train customers how to be YOUR customer. Do you want customers who understand the normal process is that you look at the brochure or the website and choose products, place your order and receive the products a week or two later, or do you want customers who are only buying what you have in front of them at that moment. If you plan to spend every possible weekend at a vendor event of some sort then focusing on cash and carry would be a good choice. If you want to do an occasional vendor event to build your customer list and team then you want to focus on making connections and teaching those people how being an Avon customer works and showing them the value and benefits of being your customer, not just selling them something off your table.

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