Saturday, August 31, 2013

What' s in your bathroom?

What products are in your bathroom?  Since you are an Avon Representative I hope your answer includes mostly Avon products. I have always thought that using Avon products versus other brands was an obvious step in being a successful Avon Representative, but this week I saw a post by another representative on Facebook that showed me this may not be as clear as I thought.   

I personally came to Avon with a long time love of the Mom and Gramma both used Avon when I was younger and My Mom was a representative for a while. As soon as I became a representative I began replacing the personal care products I had been using with Avon, after all if I wasn't using Avon products, why would I expect anyone to buy them from me?  

If you're not already using Avon products, think of all the toiletries you use each day. Starting with your morning shower, you've got shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, facial cleanser and shave gel or hair removal cream.  Once you're dried off you have body lotion, face cream, eye cream and styling products for your hair, plus a little spray of your favorite fragrance.  Of course if you wear make up we've got you covered there too. These products are going to be a better value than the majority of other brands because they will either be less expensive than the alternative or a better quality than the cheaper options. 

I you have already converted your bathroom to an Avon bathroom, it's time to start working with your customers and prospects (especially those who say they can't afford Avon) and help them make the switch.  The more customers you get stocking their vanity with Avon instead of the other brands, the more you will see your business grow. 

Once you have your customers getting the products they use every day from you be sure to keep track of what they use so you can make sure they don't run out of their favorites and always get them at the best price possible.  That's an added bonus we offer that the big box and drugstores can't offer. 

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