Monday, May 14, 2012

Just Right Follow Up

“How would you like me to communicate with you and how often is about right?” 
Have you asked your customers this question?  Every customer is not the same.  One of the ways that you can honor your customer's individualism is by customizing how you follow up with them both in contact frequency and method

Keep in mind also that you may have different methods to contact customers depending on what you need to communicate to them.  For example you may send an email to remind them that the campaign is closing and share any featured products they may have missed, and then once she orders you text her the total and expected delivery date, and finally when it's time to actually arrange the delivery you would call her. 

Here are the questions you can ask your customers:

Many of my customers find they are quite busy and with so many things to do each day, it is very helpful for them if I check in with them periodically to see if there is anything they need, how often would you like me to contact you?  (don't worry they will let you know if they really don't want/need a follow up contact)

Do you prefer a phone call, text message or email?

Also ask specifically to contact to arrange a delivery ~ The order will be in around the 15th what is the best way to reach you to schedule delivery?
Or you can offer to schedule their delivery and then just call/text/email them with a reminder the day before.  Just remember not to schedule the delivery to close to when your order normally arrives in case there is a delay.

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