Monday, November 30, 2015

December 2015 guest post

For this month's newsletter I borrowed from a good friend of mine, Kathlyn Jaramillo of Defining Women who wrote this wonderful food for thought a few years ago.

“Wal-Mart is CLOSING!”
Have you heard that Wal-Mart will be closing up from December 10th to January 7th? Unbelievable, right?  Why would they do such a thing?  They believe that no one will buy anything just before the big day and they think everyone will wait until the New Year to make more purchases. Also, they really need a break and feel like this is the best time to rest and to be with the family?

Can you image the financial and business impact this is going to produce; millions of dollars in lost revenue, people everywhere spending their money elsewhere, employees having to find other jobs, marketing coming to a screeching halt?

Of course Wal-Mart is not closing so why would YOU?  Year after year we see small business owners making the decision to close up shop just when people are giving themselves big reasons to spend money!  So exactly how can you leverage this unique opportunity to stay way ahead of your ‘holidaying’ competition?

Look, Listen and Learn!  Watch carefully how the ‘big boys’ are doing it!  How are the major chains marketing themselves during this season?  Watch shows like QVC and HSN and learn how to put a spin on your products, the way you promote them and the way you ask for the sale.  Innovative marketing is absolutely crucial to getting noticed and remembered during this time of year and mixing it up will make it fun for you and have you working in and on your business model!

Know the Value of Your ‘Life time’ Customer!  As small business owners we are forever focusing on the next sale instead of creating value to retain ‘life time’ customers.  Who on you past client list may be interested in giving you another opportunity with the right message?  If you look back on past clients, who have you let simply fade away and never offered an opportunity to take the next step with you, whatever that may look like?  You could be sitting on a gold mine of customers, who already know, like and trust you!

Balance your business and your life! As small business owners, sales professionals or entrepreneurs, holiday shopping, expenses, and logistics can bring major social and business stress. Schedule time for family and business; carefully creating boundaries that you honor for all involved, especially for yourself.  Look for solutions and steer clear of overwhelm.  Spend time being proactive so that you are being your best in business and are able to enjoy family and friends.  You are not alone.  Remember that we are all in this together! Share your feelings with other and create a support system outside your family to vent, create and innovate!

In closing, this is season of twinkling lights and stars all a glow.  It is magical if we make it so!  Listening to the music, the warm conversations, gathering with friends and family are just a few ways to remind ourselves that life is filled with possibility!  It’s not a time to close, but a time to open, create and innovate and to prepare for all that is available in both business and life!  So ‘hitch you wagon’ to a star and let’s all sparkle!   

Posted by Kathlyn Jaramillo, COO defining:WOMEN Networks
©Kathlyn Jaramillo 12.2011

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