Monday, October 14, 2013

Business or Hobby?

Do you work your Avon as a Business or a Hobby? What's the difference you may ask? A business MAKES you money, a hobby COSTS you money. 

The great thing about Avon is that you can work your business in whatever way you like,   If your goal for your business is just to save on your personal purchases or make just a little extra money then working your business as a hobby will be just fine. But if you want to earn enough money that you can depend on it to cover regular expenses, or save up enough for larger expenses you will need to work it as a business.

A hobby is something you do in your spare time. A business requires that you make time for it on a regular basis. As an Independent Sales Representative you set your own hours – you determine how many hours you want to devote to your business and when you want to work those hours, but you need to put those hours on your calendar and commit to those hours each campaign to see consistent results.  

Start by determining how many hours you are willing to commit to your business each week. Then look at your other commitments and find where you will fit those hours in.  It does not need to be large blocks of time, in fact doing a little amount every day for your business is often more effective than working 1 or 2 large blocks of time a week. Even 30 minutes a day focused on your business can have a big impact.

Plan out when you will work your business and what activities you will do on each day. 
Suggested Activities for each campaign include: 
Making contact with potential customers / sharing brochures
Following up with customers 
Promoting your business on social networks
Pathways training
Attending workshops / sales meetings
Entering and submitting orders
Sorting and bagging order and delivering orders 
Tracking your income and expenses 
Planning what and when you will do for the next campaign. 
Once you've planned out what you will do and when, consider those time appointments and keep them just like you would any other appointment.  Flexibility is fine, but if you don't keep your "appointment" with your business, be sure that it gets rescheduled and not just brushed aside. 


Have you checked out the What's Happening Videos on the Campaign Tools page?  These short videos created by our marketing department are a great way to see and hear about products featured each campaign.  On the Campaign Tools tab you'll see the current and two upcoming campaign brochures pictured. Clicking on the brochure will open up the What's Now sheet for that campaign showing five products to highlight for that campaign along with sales tips and conversation starters to use when selling those items. Under each brochure picture is a link to "view highlights from Campaign xx"  which will open the video.  The 5 -10 minutes you'll spend reviewing these two tools each campaign will be time well spent as you get more comfortable sharing about and selling our products.  

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