Monday, June 10, 2013

Sample Success

One way to increase your sales is to give Customers and Prospects an opportunity to try before they buy.  One easy way to do that is by using samples and samples can make a huge difference in your business but they only work if you use them.

  • Choose a single sample to feature for a campaign. It could be something new or something that is on a really good sale in this campaign. Include that sample in every brochure that you give out and/or every order you deliver for that campaign. Tape the sample to the page, with the top edge or corner sticking out of the brochure to be your customers see it.  As you do your follow up for that campaign ask everyone how they liked it.  
  • Choose several samples (aim for 4-6) to feature for the campaign and buy 1-2 packs of each to make "lumpy" brochures.  Tape the samples on the page where the product is featured (this is what makes the brochure lumpy. Choose 5-10 customers to receive the "lumpy" brochures.  Choose different customers each campaign and don't worry about choosing the right color/scent/formula for the customer. You can put a label on the book or tell the customer when you give them the book that the samples may not be perfect for them, but you'd be happy to help them find just the right product for them. And they can feel free to pass the samples on to someone they know who might like them.
When possible, have the customer try the sample while you are with them.  This not only increases the chances they will actually try the sample but gives you the opportunity to use their initial reactions to close the sale or help them find something that would be better for them.
  • With skincare samples offer to give the customer a "handcial" while you are with her.  Use the skincare sample on the back of one hand so she can compare it to the untreated hand to see the immediate results. 
  • With fragrance samples, open the sample and give it a moment to breathe before handing it to the customer.  Fragrances are mostly alcohol and if you sniff the sample the moment it's opened you will smell mostly alcohol.  If the customer likes the scent on the sample they should then try it on and see how it works with their individual chemistry.  
  • Use samples as a gift for service people you interact with throughout the day.  Give a sample and business card or even make a small goodie bag of samples to share with cashiers, waitresses and other service providers you meet while you are out and about.  If they respond positively and seem interested in Avon, be sure to get their information for follow up.

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