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Exploring Your Customer Shipping Options

 Exploring Your Customer Shipping Options


Whether you are a brand new representative or an established representative looking to make adjustments in your business one of the most important things you'll want to do is decide how you want to handle getting your customers orders to their doorstep.  

There are basically two options: 

1. direct delivery from Avon to your customer

2. representative receives product from Avon and delivers to customer

Avon has standard shipping rates that apply to both Representative orders placed through AvonNow and Customer orders placed through the online store ( *see below

Customers pay the shipping on direct delivery orders placed through our online store if they are less than $60, the representative pays the shipping for the customer on orders over $60. 

Representatives pay the shipping on all representative orders placed through AvonNow.

While some representatives do only direct delivery or only representative delivery most representatives offer both options to their customers. 

For those customers that you are able and willing to deliver to in person, you can group multiple customer orders plus your personal and supply orders to save on shipping. Most representatives place one bulk order each campaign.  You can add an order processing fee to each customer order that you are going to deliver personally to offset your business expenses such as shipping, samples, brochures and gas. The default order processing charge on the invoicing tool on AvonNow is $.75 but most representatives charge between $1 and $3. 

Obviously if a customer does not live or work near you, or would not be easy or convenient for you to deliver to then direct delivery will be the only option.  Direct delivery is also a great way to save time and gas/wear and tear on your car by not needing to deliver.  This is also a great option if your customer does not want to wait until you place/deliver your next bulk order. If the customer is not comfortable going online and placing their order through your online store you can help them with that by talking them through it, or going to your online store and placing the order for them.

*shipping rates effective as of Aug 17, 2020, subject to change
  • $8 for orders up to $149.99

  • $10 for orders of $150-$299.99

  • $14 for orders of $300-$499.99

  • $17 for orders of $500+ 

Some representatives will offer to include an out of area customer's order in their bulk order and ship it to the customer themselves.  There are a couple of reasons I don't typically recommend this option. In most cases the cost of packaging and shipping to the customer is going to be equal to or more than the shipping on a direct delivery order. Direct delivery is much faster than waiting until you place your bulk order, receive the products and then package and ship the products to the customer. If the package should get lost or damaged in transit to your customer, you would be responsible for replacing the order. If a direct deliver order is lost or damaged Avon will ship a replacement at no charge. Additionally, if the customer should need to return anything, they would need to ship it back to you so your could then process the return and send it back to Avon. 

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