Avon Representative Resources

Avon Representative Resources

Here you will find links to past team meetings, webinars and training, along with some links to other sources of support for Avon Representatives

Upcoming Meetings, Webinars and Training

Facebook Live recordings of our live team meetings 

Sunrise Beauty Team Training 


  Avon Facebook Pages and Groups

Here are some of the Official Avon Pages to follow
Avon USA Representatives
Avon Southwest Region 
Avon Northwest Region 
Avon Southeast Region
Avon Northeast Region

The Sunrise Beauty Team has a private group as well. Join our Facebook Group for a great place to ask questions, get support from other team members and keep up with all the latest news, training and tips.  To participate in or view recordings of our team meetings join our Meetings Group

There are also many groups for Representatives in a particular area of the country. For representatives in the Las Vegas, NV area we have Southern Nevada Avon Reps
for other areas search Avon and your city/state/region to see what groups are available.

Tools to use in your Avon Business

There are lots of tools such as websites or phone apps that representatives have found useful in running their Avon business. I've compiled a list of tools that I use myself or that other team members or Rep friends have found useful.

Representative Tools List

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Avon Independent Sales Leader
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Missed an Issue of Meeting in Your Inbox? View the archives here Check out the Featured Training of the Week here Get Back to Basics with the New Representative Tips Series 

Become a Representative

Not an Avon Representative yet? Join our team today and earn $1000 in your first 90 Days.  Contact me for more details or sign up today here.

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