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Congratulations again on starting your Avon business.  I do hope we've had a chance to chat, but if we haven't I would really love to get to know a little about you and what brought you to Avon. 

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be sending a series of emails with tips for getting your business going.  Since we all have different goals for our business and how we want to work it, there may be tips that don't apply to you or that you aren't ready to implement right away.  Please know that none of these tips are intended to pressure you to do more than you are wanting to do, they are intended to help you get moving in whatever direction you want to take your business. 

Please feel free to reach out any time I may be of assistance with this or any other topic.
If you would prefer to receive these by text or messenger just let me know. 


Day 1
Today is the first day of the new campaign. Take a look at the new brochure to get familiar with the current sales and new products.  A new campaign also means a new What's New flyer.  Be sure to pick out a new product that you'd like to try or share with your customers. And be sure to let your customers and prospects know there's a new brochure with new products and offers for them to see. 

You can find the digital brochure and What's New flyer on AvonNow. Simply click on Brochures at the top of the page.

Day 2 
Decide what day you will send your order for the campaign. You can find the campaign calendar on the main page on AvonNow. 

I find that it works well for me and my customers to order the same day every campaign, but the beauty of flexible ordering is you can order when it works best for you, even if that is a different day each campaign.  I recommend submitting on any day except the last day of the campaign because life has a way of getting in the way of the best laid plans and you don't want to have to worry about missing out on an incentive or a special sale price because the order ended up getting pushed into the next campaign. 

When you place your order, be sure to order your brochures 2 campaigns out so you will be ready to sell the new campaign as soon as the next order goes in. For example, if you are placing your Campaign 5 order you would order Campaign 7 books. You would already have your Campaign 6 brochures on your Campaign 4 order so you will be ready to start selling Campaign 6 as soon as you've completed your Campaign 5 order instead of waiting for your Campaign 5 shipment to arrive. If you are ordering the same day every campaign, that gives you the full two weeks to share each campaign's brochures and collect orders. 

Day 3
Pick a product you'd like to try yourself.  Not sure what to try? How about something you're about to run out of that you were buying somewhere else? Or you can't go wrong with a good facial moisturizer. Need help picking the right product? I'm here to help. 

When we use Avon products ourselves we are better able to sell the products to others.  Not only does it give us a first hand testimonial of the products to share with our customers,  but it also shows our confidence in the value and benefits of our products.  After all, if we don't use our products, why would we expect anyone else to use them. 

Day 4
Want to promote your business on Facebook?  Since Facebook prohibits using your personal profile for business purposes you'll need to set up a Facebook Page for your business.  That will act as your "storefront" on Facebook. Our Avon Social team has put together a step by step guide for how to set that up.  To find the course, click on Avon Social at the top of the page/menu on AvonNow, then click  on Training. Choose the All About Facebook Business Pages course.  While you are there you can also take a look at the training courses for Avon Social as well as other aspects of Facebook. 

Day 5
Start your Avon U Training by clicking on Avon U at the top of the page/menu on AvonNow.  Avon U has training on a wide variety of topics related to your Avon business.  Each module only takes about 5-15 minutes to complete so it's very easy to work into your day.  You could complete a module a day with Breakfast or Lunch or you could commit to completing a module before you start scrolling through Facebook or firing up your online/mobile game. 

Avon has set up Avon U to take you through the topics in Avon U in the order that makes sense for most new representatives. You can also use the search feature at the top of the page to find any topic you would like to explore. 

Day 6
Share your online store or a brochure with a friend who loves beauty. Invite them to check out the many new products we have to offer.  The easiest way to share the digital brochure is to click on Brochures on AvonNow, then click the cover of the brochure. You'll see the option to share with customers above the book with links for sharing on Facebook (including Messanger), Pinterest, Twitter or email.  If you're on a mobile device you will also see the option to share by text. 

If you want to share a particular page from the brochure or product you can even do that. 
To share a specific page in the brochure, flip through the digital brochure to the page you want to share, then click the appropriate link for how you would like to share. 
To share a specific product, find the product in the digital brochure, or by going to the product page via the Order Products menu or search feature. You will see the same share icons on the product page. 

Day 7
Visit the Resource Library in Avon U and check out the Product One-Pages for our key products. These are a great way to get to know our products and have a better idea of what products to recommend to which customers. 

You can also visit the product pages on our online store (where our customers shop, youravon.com/your rep ID) and read the information there, including customer reviews.  

Pick a product a day, or a few products a week to learn about and before you know it, you'll be a product expert. 

Day 8
This group is a great resource if you want to promote your business on Facebook.  The group is run by the folks at MultiBrain which is the company that developed and manages our Avon Social tool and they focus strictly on using Social Media to build your business. 

In addition to the conversations, ideas and in formation in the group posts and comments there are also units with little snippets of training on how to do things on Facebook and you can check out the video tab for recordings of the Social Selling Show which is a monthly Facebook live with the MultiBrain team sharing the latest news, training and how-tos for promoting on social media. 

Day 9
Follow the Avon USA Representative Page on Facebook. This is the official home of Avon on Facebook and they share a lot of news and information there.  The Videos section of the page has a lot of great videos with product training and sales tips.  Be sure to choose to get notifications for the page, or visit the page often so you won't miss anything even if you don't scroll through your newsfeed every day. 

There are a lot of Facebook groups for representatives and they are all Representative run which means that some are better than others.  Some groups are centered around specific geographic areas and I do typically recommend joining those if there is one for your area so you can connect with local representatives and get information on in person meetings if anyone in your area holds those. With more general groups I encourage you to choose groups that are positive, upbeat and helpful, and avoid ones that tend to have a negative tone. 

Day 10
Continue your Learning Journey.  
Join the Sunrise Beauty Team group on Facebook.  This is a private group where we share ideas, information, ask questions and support each other.  

You'll also want to join the Meetings with the Sunrise Beauty Team group on Facebook if you are interested in our team meeting.  Our team hosts a Lunch and Learn every 4th Monday (the day before even numbered campaigns end) where we share new products, new programs and incentives and share ideas for making your business the best it can be.  Since we understand that it's impossible for everyone who wants to join us to do so in person we broadcast the meeting live on Facebook.  We also post the recording of the meeting in the group for anyone who can't join us live. 

Schedule a regular time to complete Avon U training modules and learn more about the products. 

Be sure to watch your email for important emails from Avon.  In particular watch for the Beauty Buzz email every Monday with all the latest news from Avon.   Alternatively you can schedule time every Monday to visit the Beauty Buzz page under the News tab on AvonNow. 

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