Sunday, July 8, 2018

Is this clothing item true to size?

Is this clothing item true to size?

One of the most common questions you'll see on an Avon Facebook group is "Does this (insert clothing item here) fit true to size". Well that depends...does their current wardrobe come from Walmart or Nordstrom?  Unfortunately there is no such thing as true to size. Every manufacturer makes their clothing based on a different set of measurements and fit models. So a size 12 in one brand could be a 10 in a different brand and a 16 in yet another brand. Most people fluctuate between 2 sizes for the majority of their wardrobe if they wear multiple brands. 

Of course the question now is if there is no such thing as true to size what does the customer really want to know? What they want to know is will this shirt/dress/skirt fit me? Can I be confident ordering my go to size?

So how do you know if a customer can order their usual size? Or which of the 2 sizes they fluctuate between will be right? The Avon Fit Guide. Conveniently located on your online store it's a quick reference chart to determine what size in Avon's fashion line you or your customer should be wearing.  

Taking a few minutes to take a couple of measurements can save a lot of potential disappointment and returns.  For a more detailed tips on helping customers choose the right size check out this previous post on Clothing and Shoe Sizes.

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