Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Cards

Happy After Thanksgiving!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you survived any Black Friday shopping you may have done. 
Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday – a promotion started by American Express to encourage doing your holiday shopping with small businesses to help support the local economy.  Reach out to your customers this weekend to remind them why shopping with you is preferable to shopping the big box stores.  Also consider doing your holiday shopping with other home based businesses.  I know many Direct Sales representatives and home crafters here in the valley and can help you find just about anything you might be looking for, just ask.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving - How are you thanking your customers this holiday season?  Gratitude felt and not expressed is like wrapping a present and leaving it on your shelf.  Showing our customers how much we appreciate them is a key factor in customer loyalty, and of course we all appreciate our customers since they are the reason for our business so we should “give” that gift instead of holding onto it.

Most businesses that send cards to their clients tend to acknowledge Christmas or Birthdays.  One way to set your business apart is to recognize your customers on other occasions.  In the case of sending cards this makes the card something unexpected and unique and keeps it from getting lost in the shuffle or all the other cards they get from business as well as friends and family.

This year I decided to do Thanksgiving cards.  I took advantage of the free postcard offer from and got 100 postcards printed with a short message on them, letting my client know I’m grateful for their presence in my life and offering the small token of a free lip balm on their next order.  Its not too late for you to do the same.  Let them know that while you were thinking of all of the things you were thankful for this Thanksgiving you realized that they are something that you are truly grateful for and wanted to acknowledge them.

You can really pick any holiday that you enjoy, you could even do a search online for little known holidays that might be fun to acknowledge.  For instance a quick search turned up National Chocolate Covered Anything Day on December 16th.  What a great excuse to give your customers a couple of pieces of chocolate with a note letting them know how much you appreciate their business.

Another way that I thank my customers during the holidays is to give out the beautiful calendars that Avon produces for us.  I have long standing customers who look forward to these calendars every year and several who even like to get extras to share with their families. 

To make the calendars extra special, I include coupons that the customer can use after the first of the year.  This year I’m including a set of 5 coupons that are good for Campaigns 1-7 of 2012.  They are:
          $5 off any order of $50 or more
          Free lipstick with order of $25 or more
          Free hand cream with order of $15 or more
          Place an order of $35 or more and get one additional item at 25% off*
          Take 10% off any 3 skincare products
*being a President’s Club member I get a guaranteed 40% on all full earnings items and 25% on fixed earnings items so I would at least break even this deal.  If you are not yet a President’s Club member, you’ll want to limit this to no more than 20% since that’s what you earn on fixed earnings products. 
Each coupon has a note on it that the coupon cannot be used with any other offer so they can’t stack up all the coupons on a single order, which means in order for them to use all 5 coupons they would need to order 5 times between Campaign 1-7.  

What ways have you used to tell your customers Thank You? 


Have a wonderful weekend.

Best Wishes,
Chris Arnold

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