Friday, October 28, 2011

Be Prepared, part 2

Hello Everyone,

Last time we talked about what to bring with us whenever we leave home so we are ready to do business anywhere we go. This time we’ll look at other ways we can be prepared to take advantage of every opportunity to build our business and offer our customers the best possible service.

Just as important as the THINGS we take with us is the INFORMATION we take with us..

1. Review your brochure each campaign with an eye for what is on special this campaign and where key products are featured in the brochure so you can help customers find what they are looking for quickly and provide them with accurate information about pricing.

2. Know your order/delivery dates. The 2 most common questions I am asked are “when does this order go in?” and “when will this order be back” Not to mention this is vital information for your customers if they are going to have the payment for their order when they need it.

3. Know your products – Pick 2 or 3 products each campaign and learn all you can about them. The What’s New is of course your best source for new items. For existing items the brochure and the product reference guide are good sources. Also check out the product specific training on the campaign tools and training tabs of Some of our product lines even have Beauty of Knowledge online training courses devoted to them.


“Each and every year, millions of 1⁄4-inch drill bits are sold, yet nobody buying any one of these 1⁄4-inch drill bits actually wants a 1⁄4-inch drill bit.

Then, why do they buy them? Because they want a 1⁄4-inch hole!”

I found this old saying in Bob Burg's Blog on 9/14/11 and it’s a wonderful illustration of why customers buy a particular product. It’s not the product they want, it’s the result. For our customers that result could be fabulous lips, smoother skin, or the joy they get from seeing their home decorated for the holidays. When we focus on what the customer is really looking for, and then finding the right product to give them that result, ultimately our customers will be happier, more loyal customers.

Be sure to click over to Mr. Burg’s blog at the link above and read what he has to say about “positive persuasion and that all important ¼ inch hole” And I’m a pretty big fan so I also have to point out you really can’t go wrong if you then click over to any of his other posts.

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