Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Are your customers wondering if you are still in business?

Are your customers wondering if you are still in business?

I recently had a conversation with a friend who was calling me to place an order.  There is an Avon Representative in her office and she had been ordering from that person but had not seen a new book from her in over a month so she contacted me to order her favorite product for her.  It turns out that the Representative is still in business ... they just weren't following up with their customers.

So how do you make sure your customers have no doubt you are still in business?
First and foremost, make sure they are getting the brochure.  We say it all the time, The brochure is your store. If you are not getting your customers the brochure each campaign then it's like McDonalds pulling down the shades and turning off all the signs.  They're still open, but it looks like they're closed from the outside. Whether you give them an actual brochure or send them a link to the online brochure you want to get your store into your customers hands every campaign, unless they've told you they don't want a book every campaign.

Then follow up on those brochures. Contact the customers you gave a brochure or sent a link to and see if they have any questions about the products or if there is anything they need. If you are not currently following up with your customers and contacts, be sure to join us in person or on Facebook Live for our next Lunch and Learn on Feb 27th. Sandra will be sharing the whys and how tos of follow up.  She is currently tracking to make Presidents Club for the first time this year thanks to her consistent follow up practices. 

Chris Arnold
Avon Gold Leader
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