Friday, June 10, 2011

Don’t let Summer Vacation bring your business to a halt.

Don’t let Summer Vacation bring your business to a halt.

Are you planning a trip this summer? Are your Customers?

With a little planning you can keep your business running smoothly throughout the Summer Vacation season.

First you will need to plan for your own vacation. Review your Representative Processing Schedule to see where your trip will fall in your order cycle. If you will be gone when your order is due you’ll have 2 options for submitting your order.

If you will have internet access while you are away, and don’t mind taking time out of your vacation to do a little work you can keep the order open, then check your voicemail, email and order cart around the same time you would normally submit your order to pick up any last minute orders before sending it to Avon.

If you won’t have internet access, or just want to leave your business behind while you are away, you can let your customers know they will have to have their order in earlier than normal and simply submit the order before you leave. Make sure to follow up with your most important customers before you go, and you can use the backorder function on your next order for any other orders that come in after you send your order.

If your vacation falls when your order is due to be delivered you’ll need to make alternate arrangements for your delivery. The best option is to have a neighbor watch for the order and either keep it at there house until you return or put in your house if they will have access.

Alternatively you can set a temporary delivery address where your order can be delivered to a friend, or family member for them to hold until you return. If you live in Las Vegas you are welcome to have your order delivered to my home and I can hold it for you to pick up when you return.

Be sure to let your customers know that you will be unavailable during the days of your trip. You can tell them when you see them or talk to them in the weeks leading up to your trip, and I also suggest changing your outgoing voicemail message if you will not be making call backs while you are gone. I do recommend saying that you will be out of the office rather than out of town so as not to advertise an empty house.

Lastly you’ll want to let your customers know ahead of time if you will need to alter the regular delivery schedule. Keeping your customers in the loop is the key to making sure they continue to have a pleasant Avon experience.

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