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Sunrise Beauty Team Tuesday Topic

Each Campaign on the mid-campaign Tuesday I record a short video about a single topic related to our business. The link to the Tuesday Topic is included in the Sunrise Beauty Team Update on Wednesday of the next week.  The video will be posted here as soon as it's ready and I will share it on our Facebook group so check here, or better yet, join our Facebook Group if you would like to be among the first to see the topic each campaign. 

1/29/2019 ~ New Incentives and Why Focus on Digital

9/25/2018 ~ Who are you sharing your frustration with?

9/11/2018 ~ Take Advantage of Training Opportunities

8/28/2018 ~ Getting in Your 5X5 Contacts

8/14/2018 ~  Choosing an Order Day

8/7/2018 ~ Welcome to YourAvon 2.0

7/17/2018 ~ Getting the most out of RepFest (whether you are attending or not)

7/3/2018 ~  Helping Your Avon Customers Choose Colors

6/19/2018 ~ Are you driving sales to someone else's website?

6/7/2018 ~ Your Business is Flexible, Not Optional

5/22/2018 ~ Are you committed to building your business or just letting it happen (or not)

5/8/2018 ~ Are you giving away the store?

4/24/2018 ~ Frustration is a Part of Business

4/10/2018 ~ Are Assumptions Holding You Back in Your Business?

3/20/2018 ~ Avon Flexible Ordering Q and A

3/6/2018 ~ When to Give your customers the New Avon Brochure

2/20/2018 ~ Clothing and Shoe Sizes

2/6/2018 ~ Using Social Media for Your Avon Business

Chris Arnold
Avon Independent Sales Leader
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