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How to Use the Avon Sweepstakes

How to the Use Avon Sweepstakes 

Avon provides us with a great tool for helping to build our marketing list with the Avon Sweepstakes.  


What is Avon Sweepstakes?


Avon Sweepstakes is a giveaway that Avon runs offering a large prize package in a random drawing.  Anyone can enter and Representatives can share a unique link to the entry form that then links that entry to our personal Avon website. 


Why do I want to share the Sweepstakes?


When someone visits your unique sweepstakes link and enters, they have the option to be added to your address book and receive the marketing emails from Avon.  When they do, they will start receiving the professionally designed emails that Avon sends to anyone we have in our address book who has opted in to receive them. While not everyone who gets these emails will become a customer, many of them will eventually place an order.  

Where do I find Avon Sweepstakes?

 Update 9/19/22 there is now a link to the sweepstakes on your representative dashboard under the "Featured" tab

 As a Representative, when you log into Avon.com you are seeing a view of the website that has features specific to Representatives. When customers visit your online store they see just those things specific for customers.  This usually means that we see everything a customer does plus the representative features.  In the case of the Sweepstakes, that feature is for customers and does not display for representatives so it does not show on our view of the website. 


Because of this you will need to visit your online store without logging in.  To do this use your online store link, avon.com/repstore/(YOURREPID), then do not sign in.  If your device logs you in automatically you'll want to sign out by going to where it says "Hi YourName" at the top of the page, then click/tap Sign Out. You can also use a private browsing or incognito window in your internet browser. 


Once you are viewing your online store as a customer would, there are 3 places you can find the Sweepstakes. 


1. On your Online Store, the banner for the sweepstakes will be right next to your picture/under your header banner



2. Under Special Offers there will be a box for the sweepstakes in the list of offers



3. Under Featured in the menu on the left


How do I share the Sweepstakes?


Once you have accessed the Sweepstakes page via one of the above options, copy the url from the address bar of your browser. Be sure you see your RepId in the url, it will look like ?rep=(YourRepId). You can then share that url just about anywhere and invite your contacts to enter. Some of the places you could share would include:


In a text message, email or direct message to someone who might like to enter


On Social Media. I personally like to take the picture of what is included in the prize package and use Canva to make a visually attractive graphic to include with the link on social media to get the post more attention. Here's what that graphic might look like:



For the text of the post I would of course include the url, and I'll often copy the description of the prize from the entry page



When talking to new contacts when you're out an about. I like to save the link on my phone so I can quickly copy and paste it into a text message or email when I'm talking to someone about Avon. I can also go right to the sweepstakes on my phone or tablet and let someone enter right there


When you are set up at a vendor event you can have a sign with a picture of the prize and the link to enter, or create a QR code to invite people who visit your table to enter.


If you have a blog, you can create a post promoting the Sweepstakes. You can see an example of one of my sweepstakes blog posts here.

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