Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How to Enroll a New Representative on Your Team

 How to Enroll a New Representative on Your Team

Activate Avon's 2nd way to earn by helping others start their own Avon business

When you help someone start their Avon business you are eligible to earn a Sponsor Bonus. When you sell $50 or more in a campaign, you’ll earn the 3% sponsoring bonus on the Personal Sales of all Representatives you recruited.
If you continue to build a team there are even more bonuses. Visit the Intro to Leadership on the Seller Central tab on AvonNow

Get Your New Team Member Enrolled on Your Team

Ensuring that your prospect is attached to you when they join is easy.  Simply direct them to your online store and have them click/tap on "Become a Representative". They can be sure they are on the correct page by looking for your picture and name on your online store and also on the screen where they begin the enrollment - see below for examples.

Desktop View - "Become a Representative" is in upper right corner, your photo and name in the center
Your name and picture will be shown as their Advisor

Mobile View - Your photo and name in center, tap menu in upper left

Scroll down and tap "Become a Representative"

Once your prospect has completed the enrollment you will receive an email letting you know someone has joined your team. You will want to  reach out to me or your direct upline advisor for next steps in supporting your new team member.

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