Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sunrise Beauty Team Update February 13th

Sunrise Beauty Team Update February 13th

Quick Tip or Thought for the Campaign

What Avon products are you currently using? Pick a product you'd like to try yourself.  Not sure what to try? How about something you're about to run out of that you were buying somewhere else? Or you can't go wrong with a good facial moisturizer. Need help picking the right product? I'm here to help. 

When we use Avon products ourselves we are better able to sell the products to others.  Not only does it give us a first hand testimonial of the products to share with our customers,  but it also shows our confidence in the value and benefits of our products.  After all, if we don't use our products, why would we expect anyone else to use them. 

Sunrise Beauty Team Recognition Campaign 4, 2020

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