Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Quick Tip ~ How to see your balance detail

 Quick Tip ~ How to see your balance detail

I often hear from representatives who say "I don't know why I owe what I owe" Your quick tip today is how to look up your current account balance, and how to see how that balanced was reached. 

Every invoice you receive from Avon will have your account balance as of the time the invoice was printed. However there are some things that can add to or reduce your balance after your invoice is printed so I recommend verifying your balance on AvonNow for the most up to date information.
Start by clicking My Account then Account Balance on or in the AvonNow App 

You can then see your current balance.  To see the transactions on your account click the pink Search button

That will expand your transaction history so you can see all of the payments and charges on your account.  For more details on online earnings visit the Direct Delivery Orders report under Manage Orders on AvonNow.  When you see Additional Order or Campaign X Order that line will reflect the total charge for an order. To see the details of that order you can refer to the invoice in your order, or view the invoice on AvonNow

Access the digital copy of your invoice under Manage Orders, then Invoices.

Locate the order you would like to review the invoice for on the list and click the icon under PDF view to see a digital version of your printed invoice 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about reading your invoices, or if you have any questions about how your balance or earnings are determined.


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  1. My order was totally wrong how can I find out my order history

    1. You can see your order history and the invoice for your completed order under Manage Orders on AvonNow. You can contact Avon's care center at 866-513-2866 for help with explaining or correcting any errors on your order.