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How to Enroll a Representative on Your Avon Team

How to Enroll a Representative on Your Avon Team

Activate Avon's 2nd way to earn by helping others start their own Avon business

When you help someone start their Avon business you are eligible to earn the following bonuses as their Mentor.*
  1. If you are a new representative participating in the KickStart program you will earn a $50 bonus for every qualified recruit...which is a new representative who places an on-time, paid order of $150 in their first or second campaign.
  2. If your Kickstart time frame has passed you will earn $20 for each qualified recruit.
  3. Earn a 3% Sponsoring Bonus on any First Generation team member's order in any campaign in which you have $50 in personal award sales. **

Get Your New Team Member Enrolled on Your Team

Find your Reference Code ~ Your reference code is the representative ID (repid) part of your estore address.  For example my estore address is so my reference code is CARNOLD  ~ this is the most important part...the new representative needs to enter your reference code to be linked to you. 

Once you have your reference code give the prospect your reference code and send them to to complete the enrollment, choose their kit and pay their start-up fee. 
You may see the site in some of Avon's materials however you want to use when promoting your business because the reference code is optional on sellavon but it is required on startavon so the new rep won't be able to enroll without your reference code.

Once you have enrolled your first representative you will have the Opportunity Tab on your estore and you can also direct prospects there to enroll.  You can send them directly to that page by using the link: - just replace CARNOLD with your reference code/repid. 

I recommend using and your reference code on your brochures, flyers and business cards and using the opportunity page link when sharing online.  

*For all incentives be sure to visit the incentives page on the sales leadership tab on for all the details and FAQs on any incentives. 
**Sponsorship Bonus applies to First Generation Team Members appointed after Campaign 4, 2017
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Become a Representative

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