Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to Change Sales Tax or Service Charge in the Avon Web Office

How to Change Sales Tax or Service Charge in the Avon Web Office on

If your local tax rate is changing or if you would like to change the service fee you charge your customers on their invoice you can change the default sales tax and service fee in your web office. 

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 Once you are logged into click on the web office tab.
Then click on "estore" and "personalization tool"

This brings up the personalization tool with 3 tabs of items you can personalize for your website including what shows on your customers invoices

When you click on "Customer Invoicing" the top 2 choices are service charge and sales tax. 
Be sure to enter the sales tax in this format 8.250 for 8.25% tax rate. 
If you are charging a service fee of $1 or more enter as 1.00

 You can verify the service charge and sales tax for individual customers on the invoice worksheet. This is also where you would change either amount if you want to make the change for just that order or customer. For example if you are processing an exchange for a customer you may choose not to charge a service fee. 

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