Monday, August 22, 2016

Featured Training of the Month ~ August 2016

In recognition of the fact that I now only send out a featured training once a month instead of weekly I'll be suggesting a few videos, articles, webinars etc for you to take advantage of each month.

First up is this great video tutorial that Avon has done for the Social Media Center on If you are on any social media platform you should be using the Social Media Center.

Next we have a short article from CEO of Me

5 weekly actions that will keep your direct sales or home party plan business alive & thriving!

Avon Executive Leader Molly Stone Bibb had a great call on the 12th and she has a few different ways you can access the playback. 

(641) 715-3659 Access Code: 897345#


Once you're viewed, read or listened to the featured training come on over to the team Facebook Group to discuss what you've learned and how you are going to put it in action in your business.  

Chris Arnold
Avon Gold Leader
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