Thursday, March 19, 2015

Avon Tips 7b ~ Direct Delivery

Using Direct Delivery to build your business

For many of Avon's more than 125 year history Representatives were assigned to territories and could only serve customers in that small area, usually right in their own neighborhood. Even after we were free to find customers anywhere we may be, we were limited by our ability to get brochures to customers and deliver orders.  These days our worlds have really expanded and many of us have friends and family that are much farther away from us than just around the corner. With our online store we are able to expand our business as far as our social circle no matter how far it expands geographically.  

One way our online store helps to expand our business is with Direct Delivery, which is when orders are shipped directly to the customer from Avon. It is a great tool for expanding your reach by allowing you to serve customers who you are unable deliver to personally. The amount we earn and the way it is paid is different on direct delivery orders. We earn 20% on direct delivery orders and that is paid as a credit on your Avon account within a few days of when the order is placed. 

Your sales from direct delivery orders will combine with your personal delivery orders to determine your earnings level on your personal delivery orders.  For example if you have $200 in personal delivery sales and $100 in direct delivery sales that will put you in the 35% level for earnings on your personal delivery orders.  

Typically direct delivery orders arrive at the customer's house about a week after the order is placed.  You'll want to follow up with them and thank them for their order, and follow the same customer care steps you would with the customers you deliver to personally. 

While our online store is a great way for your customers near and far to shop you may find you have some prospective customers who do not like to shop online but due to distance or scheduling you can not personally serve them.  You can use your online store, and the direct delivery option to service those customers as well.  You can place the order for them going through your personal store just as your customers do.  You would create a customer profile for them and create their order, then they would provide you with the credit or debit card information they wish to use to pay for the order.  The billing address on the debit or credit card will need to match the address the order is being shipped to.  

If the customer does not have an email address you can use their name at as a user name, for example

For customers you personally know, you can also use this option to help customers place gift orders by entering the gift recipient's name and address in the shipping address. I would not use this option with new customers you don't personally know because of potential credit card fraud.

Of course you will still need to get brochures to these customers if they prefer having the physical brochure to viewing it online.   Mailing single brochures can be a bit expensive but there are a couple of brochure mailing services that can get your brochures to your customers for less than you would pay to do it yourself. They are and Both services will send you a sample brochure for free so you can see what your customers would be getting. When your business grows to the point that you are regularly sending out 200 brochures or more, you could even consider using bulk mail to mail your brochures at discounted rates.   

What questions do you have about this or any other aspect of your Avon business? I'm always happy to hear from you.

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