Thursday, March 19, 2015

Avon Tips 6 ~ President's Club

Now that you have a few campaigns under your belt it's time to start looking at Avon's President's Recognition Program and our first achievement level, President's Club.  The President's Recognition cycle for this year began in Campaign 1 and runs through Campaign 26.  If you sell $10,000 or more during those campaigns you become a President's Club member.  

Once you become a member of President's Club you will receive:
Guaranteed earnings of 40% on core products and 25% on fixed earnings items.  
You will be able to order up to 3 of each demo item in the What's New
You will receive an invitation to the annual President's Club Gala Event
and more.  
For full details on the rewards for each level of the President's Recognition program see the program guide on the Rewards and Recognition tab on your website. 

I know when you are new that $10,000 seems like a lot, but if you break it down over the whole year that is an average of $385 each campaign. If you work your business 10 days each campaign that breaks down to only $38.50 each day in sales. 

Of course you probably didn't start in Campaign 1 but you could still reach President's Club in your first cycle if you are building your business quickly. You can view your personal goal card on the PRP tab of your website to see how much you would need to average each campaign to reach President's Club.

If President's Club seems out of reach for you for the current cycle, consider the campaigns remaining this year as your foundation campaigns, you build a strong foundation for your business and when we get to Campaign 1 of next year you'll be consistently averaging the sales you need each campaign to make President's Club next year. 

Another great thing about the President's Recognition Program is President's Points. President's points are reward points that can be earned many different ways and can be redeemed for 100s of prized though our reward headquarters.  Over the years I've used points for everything from gift cards and travel to household items like a bread machine and vacuum cleaner. As a new representative you have a couple of chances to earn points even before you reach President's Club, in fact you may have earned some already.  New Representatives have the opportunity to earn points both for hitting certain sales goals during their first year and by helping others start their Avon business.

What questions do you have about this or any other aspect of your Avon business? I'm always happy to hear from you.

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