Thursday, March 19, 2015

Avon Tips 5b ~ Persistence

Whenever you try something new to expand your business… how many times do you try it before you give up? Do you give someone a book once and then figure that if they don’t order they must not be interested. OR do you consider that maybe it just wasn’t the right time for them to buy? Maybe they were a little short on money this week, or they had just bought shower gel and body lotion somewhere else and don’t need any for a few weeks. What if they have gotten Avon books from reps in the past who they never saw again, and they are waiting to see if you are going to be reliable before they place an order.

What if you come back to that person next month? Or the month after that? What if you make sure that the next time that person starts to run low on night cream she see’s the latest Avon brochure? Could you have a new customer then? Absolutely!

I would estimate that only 1 out of every 10 of my customers ordered from the very first book I give them. The rest ordered after several contacts, some as long as 6 months after I first gave them a brochure.

Have you offered a brochure to a cashier who was not interested, so you just stopped offering brochures to clerks? What if the very next cashier you met could have been your next best customer? or your next new representative?

Have you left a book somewhere and didn’t get a call so you didn’t bother to go back and leave another? What if the next person to sit down in that waiting room just lost her Avon Representative and has been looking for a new one.

There are A LOT of people who are looking for an Avon representative, and many more who would love what we have to offer if given the opportunity to try it. The way to find those people is to keep talking to people and keep giving them books.

Statistics show that 80% of all sales are made after the 5th contact. 48% of all sales people give up after the 1st contact. 25% give up after the 2nd contact. 12% make 3 contacts then stop. 5% quit after the 4th contact. A mere 10% of all sales people keep on calling after the 4th contact and to this persistent 10% goes 80% of all sales.

How many contacts are you making with a potential client before you give up?

What questions do you have about this or any other aspect of your Avon business? I'm always happy to hear from you.

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