Thursday, March 19, 2015

Avon Tips 4b ~ Increasing Your Earnings with Hot Points

Increasing your Avon Earnings with Hot Points 

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One of the ways that you can maximize your earnings is to be aware of where your sales are at during the campaign so you can watch for Hot Points.  When your total sales for a campaign fall just below the next earnings level, you have reached a Hot Point. When you reach a Hot Point, your earnings can improve dramatically with a small sales increase. For example, by increasing your order from $275 to $295 you make the jump from 30% to 35% and increase your earnings by about $20.
Download Hot Points Chart Here
Note: When you click the link you will be prompted to sign into Dropbox, if you are not a Dropbox user, simply click no and you will be able to view and download the file.

How do you make the most of hot points?

Start by keeping track of your total sales as you progress through each campaign.  As you get a new order add it to your collection envelope for that campaign so you can easily keep a running total for the campaign.  At least twice a campaign compare your running total to the hot point chart above to see how close you are to the next level. 

If you are getting close to a new level you have 2 choices to put you over the line to the next earnings level.
1. purchase more products for yourself and your family
2. get more product to sell to your customers

If you choose option number one you will be getting free product for yourself, which is great if it really is a product that you will be using and enjoying but wouldn't it be even better to have more money in your pocket at the end of the campaign rather than another product on your counter? 

Look at your customer list.  Who have you not had contact with recently?  Who should be due to refill their favorite product?  If you have slacked off on your follow up calls there is no better time to do them than when you are faced with a hot point.  In some cases it only takes 1 more order to put you over the top. 

A while back I discussed Hot Points in our team newsletter. That article  has even more ideas on how to increase your sales not only to get you to the next level but also how to really take advantage of the increased earnings at the higher level while you are there. You can find the article here: 

What questions do you have about this or any other aspect of your Avon business? I'm always happy to hear from you.

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