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Avon Tips 1B ~ Processing Your First Order part 2

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Processing Your First Order with Avon, part 2

You should be receiving your first Avon shipment soon.  You can track your shipment by clicking on order tracking on the My Orders tab of your website.  When you click on the tracking numbers, whether your order is coming by the regular delivery service or by UPS you typically won't see any tracking information until the day that the order is going to be delivered because they often ship overnight so by the time the tracking information is in the system the order is usually out for delivery.

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Once your order arrives.
  • Unpack the products from your boxes, setting aside any paperwork. Review your invoice, and notices for any important information pertaining to your shipment.
  • Check off the items on your invoice to be sure everything arrived.
    • If anything is missing or damaged you can request a replacement through EZReturns using reason code 30 for missing items and code 20 for damaged items. The replacement will ship with your next order.  If you really need the item before your next shipment, contact customer service at the number listed on your invoice and request that the missing item be sent out right away.
  • Separate your customer's orders to be bagged.  Include a new brochure with each order.  If you are including a sample in the orders, consider taping it to the page that the product appears on in the brochure to make it more likely your customer will try the sample.  
  • Make a note of what samples you give to which customers so you can ask them how they liked it when you next follow up with them. 
  • Contact your customers to set up delivery, reminding them of any amount due for their order. I know it sounds obvious but you'd be surprised how often this happens - DO NOT give any customer product that has not been paid for.  Once they have the product, there is nothing you can do if they don't pay.  If you still have the product and a customer does not pay, you can sell it to someone else or return it to Avon for credit.
As you collect payments from customers be sure to keep your Avon money separate from your personal funds until you have paid Avon. I recommend getting a separate checking account for your Avon business and writing yourself a "paycheck" each campaign. This helps you see how much you are making, and keeps a clearer boundary between your personal and business funds. 

If you accept checks from your customers, they need to be made out to you, not Avon and you will either have to deposit them in your personal checking account or go to the customer's bank to cash it.  You may want to require that customers paying by check pay when they place their order to give the check time to clear before you deliver the products. 

For credit or debit cards, use the Avon credit card forms.  Be sure to get the imprint of the card (which can be done by laying the form over the card and rubbing with the side of your pen or using the credit card imprinter available under sales tools) a signature that matches what's on the back of the card, and call the number on the inside of the form to get the approval before leaving the product with the customer.  Mail in the top copy of the form along with the payment coupon from your invoice as soon as possible to allow plenty of time for the payment to be posted to your account before your next order is due.


Managing Your Money Guide 

Note: When you click the link you will be prompted to sign into Dropbox, if you are not a Dropbox user, simply click no and you will be able to view and download the file.

What questions do you have about this or any other aspect of your Avon business? I'm always happy to hear from you. 

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