Monday, September 1, 2014

Setting Up a Product Watch List

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One of the things that sets us apart from the big box store or typical online store is the personal service we offer. It's one of the top benefits of shopping with a direct sales company.  One of my favorite services is my product watch list.  This is where I keep track of which customers are interested in what products so I can let them know when they are available or on sale. It's also one of the easiest systems to set up all you need is a notebook or a stack of index cards. 

1. For each page in your notebook or index card list a product or category of products
ex: Anew Platinum or Mega Effects Mascara or gold jewelry
You'll also want a page or card just for discontinued items that might show up in the Outlet

2. Use the customer history function in the web office to find customers who have purchased those products and list them on the appropriate page or card. Include notes about things like how often a customer orders the product, or if they like to buy their favorite fragrance alone or as part of a set. 

3. Each campaign choose 5-10 key items that are on sale and contact the customers on the page or card for those products.  Even if they have the brochure, they may not see the sale. When possible, flag the page in the brochure for the sale items in the customer's brochure before you give it to them, otherwise contact them via their preferred method.  A typical message would be something like this:
     Hi Sue, the Glimmersticks are on sale this campaign for $2.99 each if you are running low. 
You can send that by text message, email, Facebook private message or voicemail.  

4. Each campaign add customers who are buying a product for the first time to the appropriate page or card, or add a page/card for new products.

5. Watch your sales and customer loyalty grow. :)

Extra Credit - As you talk to prospective customers make note of particular products they may be interested in. Add them to your watch list and let them know when those products are on sale. It could be just the thing to turn that prospect into a customer. 

Chris Arnold
Avon Gold Leader
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