Friday, September 26, 2014

Benefits of using Bulk Mail for Your Avon Business

One of the most vital things we do in our business is getting brochures to our customers and prospects each campaign because if we don't get the brochure into their hands we are unlikely to get an order from them.  As you grow your business, getting out the brochures will become more and more time consuming and can prove difficult if your client base is spread out geographically.  One way that you can cut back on the amount of time you spend getting brochures out is bulk mail.

Bulk mail, otherwise known as Standard Mail is a class of mail that can be sent at a discounted rate of postage because you do some of the work of sorting the mail so that the Postal Service can process it faster with less handling. Postage for pieces sent using bulk mail is significantly less than mailing at first class postage rates. 

The main advantage of bulk mail is that it saves you time as well as wear and tear on your vehicle while still ensuring that all of your customers and prospects get a brochure on a regular basis. In addition bulk mail is a great way to reach homes and businesses that you would not otherwise have access to. Bulk mail can also increase response rates for books sent to homes versus traditional canvassing or tossing because books in the mail are more likely to make it into the home than those on the door/porch or driveway.  The mail is also not affected by the weather so you can get brochures out on the hottest/coldest days and don't have to watch the forecast for rain/snow. 

You do need a bulk mail permit to send mail at bulk rates, and your mail has to meet certain requirements. If you are in one of the 5 Las Vegas, NV area districts those districts have a bulk mail permit that any rep in those districts can use. Otherwise you will have to apply for your own permit.   Once you have the permit, to qualify for standard mail rates you must be mailing a minimum of 200 identical pieces without any personal information such as handwritten notes. Mailings can qualify for even more discounts when you have over a certain number of brochures going to a particular zip code and/or if you use barcodes on your mail pieces. Bulk mail has to be taken to a specific post office.  In the Las Vegas area that is the Business Mail Entry Unit at the Main Post Office on Sunset Rd. 

To get the best rates on your bulk mailings you'll want to use special software that sorts your mailing and produces your labels with barcodes. You'll also want to run your addresses through an address cleaning program, a process known as CASS Certification, to qualify for better rates and ensure that all of your addresses are complete and accurate. There are many software and address cleaning options to choose from but I use for my CASS Certification and Postage Saver software from for sorting and to generate labels.  Postage Saver's website also has a great Bulk Mail 101 section with help for beginning bulk mailers. The USPS website also has great resources 

The Business Mail Entry Unit in your area has special clerks and mail design specialists that can help you design your mail piece and learn how to prepare your mailings to qualify for Standard Mail rates. 

Chris Arnold
Avon Gold Leader
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