Sunday, November 23, 2014

Featured Training of the Week 11/23/14

Theresa Paul is a Senior Executive Unit Leader from New York who does great calls and videos for her team that she calls Tuesdays with Theresa.  On the 11th she did a great call on Customer Service. It is close to an hour...but so worth it.  90% of what Theresa says, I've said myself at least once over the years.

Chris Arnold
Avon Gold Leader
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Customer Order Delivery Tips

I actually think the video version is better than the written version this time :) so I highly recommend you take 12 minutes and watch here: 
or continue on to the written version. 

When you first start your Avon business and have just a few customers, delivering orders to customers is usually an easy thing to do.  As your business grows and you pick up more customers, making deliveries can sometimes present a challenge.  As much as we would like to sit with every customer and chat and always deliver when its best for the customer our ability to do that is limited by the laws of time and space.  

The best way to make efficient use of your time when delivering orders is to group your deliveries by area and do all of your deliveries for that neighborhood while you're in that area. If possible, deliver in each area on the same day each campaign because that consistency will make it easier for your customers. It also helps to give your customers a window that you will deliver in instead of a specific time. You don't have to give half day windows like the cable company does, but let them know you plan to be by between 1 and 2 instead of 2:30 to give yourself a little flexibility. 

Once you decide which areas you will deliver on which days then you want to work with your customers to make the delivery as convenient as possible for them. It's unlikely that every customer within a certain area will be able to see you when you are in their neighborhood, but there are as many ways to deliver orders as there are customers. Here are some of the ways I've delivered orders over the years. 

  • gone to the customer's home and visited with them while delivering their order while helping them place their next order - this is the best option when possible
  • gone to the customer's home and traded an order for payment at the door
  • gone to the customer's home and left the order in an inconspicuous spot, picking up the payment from under the door mat or similar hiding spot, or that has paid by credit card over the phone^. Occasionally a customer will forget to leave the payment, and if it's a good customer I will leave the order with a self addressed stamped envelope for the customer to mail the check in*.
  • gone to see the customer at their workplace - some workplace deliveries are for multiple customers at the same business
  • gone to the customer's workplace and delivered the order to the receptionist
  • gone to the senior center where the customer plays cards with friends, also a great place to get multiple customers in one stop
  • given the customer their order at a meeting or get together the customer and I were both attending
  • customer picked up order at my some cases they pick up the order from the box I have by my door
  • placed the customer's order through the estore by creating a customer account for them and choosing direct delivery. This option requires the customer to pay with a credit or debit card. 

No matter how you make your deliveries, a smooth delivery schedule starts when the customer places their order.  When they place their order let them know when you will be in their area and cover the options if they don't expect to be home. A text, email or phone reminder a day or two before confirming the time you expect to be by helps also. 

^Credit card payments processed through Avon's credit card processing system require an imprint of the card and signature in addition to the approval code to fully protect against charge backs.  If using an alternate credit card processing method, such as a Square or Paypal Anywhere, review your agreement and their policies on phone authorized cards. 
* No matter how much you trust a customer DO NOT leave an order without payment if you are not able to cover the cost of that order out of pocket.  Even the best customers can have a bad week and not pay you for some reason. 

Chris Arnold
Avon Gold Leader
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Missed an Issue of Meeting in Your Inbox? View the archives here Check out the Featured Training of the Week here Get Back to Basics with the New Representative Tips Series 
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Family Business ~ reprint from definingWomen Magazine

The Family Business
By Chris, Marissa and Alexandra Arnold

As printed in definingWomen Magazine Sept/Oct 2013 issue 

Many women struggle to balance the need to work, either for financial reasons or for personal fulfillment, with a desire to spend as much time with their children as possible. This struggle has lead many mothers to find ways to work from home. One path that mothers often take is through starting a home based business. Mothers who have a home based business have a unique opportunity to create a family business that their children can be involved in from an early age, which can teach them valuable skills that will serve them well into adulthood. 

When you are working at home and have preschool aged children they tend to be playtime adjacent. The children are nearby doing their own independent activity while Mom is working her business. During these times the children start to pick up on Mom's professional skills such as phone presence and focusing on a task.

As they get older they can be more involved in the business itself. Elementary age children can help prepare marketing materials like brochures and sample packets for distribution or sort products. They begin to get an idea of when multi-tasking is a good way to get things done and what types of tasks require more focused attention, which is an important time management skill. 

Pre-teens and teenagers can help with administrative tasks like entering orders and accounting. Assisting with administrative work exposes the child to important business and computer skills, which they can then use to earn some extra money helping other small business owners and of course take those skills with them into the job market.

Once children are old enough to work independently you can begin to let them know what needs to be done, but give only general guidelines on how to do it. This allows them to build their creative and problem solving skills and gives them some freedom to find the work style that fits them best. You can even let them have a hand at the types of projects that come up a lot in home businesses, where you need to create something that doesn't yet exist, or tweak something that isn't exactly the way you want it.

Watching Mom interact with customers and business associates shows the child how to communicate with other people effectively as well as how to interact with people who come from different backgrounds. Participating in business activities helps the child see how to choose the appropriate behavior for different situations.

Lastly, when we work away from home we often leave a lot of our work life at the office, but when home and work are the same your children get to see more of the ups and downs of your job and how you deal with it. It's important for children to know that no job is perfect, but how you deal with the speed bumps in business make a big difference.

Along with all of the valuable lessons your children learn from participating in a home based business, they also benefit from having Mom available when they need her, while still getting some of the independence of children whose parents work away from home.  As with all choices we make for attaining work/family balance, a home based business it may not be perfect, however it can be a great way to set your children up to be successful adults.