Monday, July 8, 2013

Become the Make up Expert / Scam Warning

This summer is the perfect time to make your self the makeup expert that your customers turn to.  Avon has 2 super makeup launches coming over the next few campaigns.

Campaign 17 introduces new Mega Effects mascara.  For 50 years the one thing that the thousands of mascaras introduced have in common was the way they were applied, with some variation of the brush at the end of a stick applicator.  Mega Effects turns that idea on its side.  With its innovative new brush you can cover your lashes from root to tip, corner to corner in one swipe.  You can visit youtube to view the official Avon videos for Mega Effects as well as tutorials created by representatives across the country.  Choose your favorite and share that with your customers and on your social media networks. 

In Campaign 19 Avon will be relaunching our core eye shadow and lip color lines.  New True color technology gives truer colors in the True Color Eye Shadows, Ultra Color Lipstick, and Glazewear Liquid Lip Color.  In addition to new formulas the color palettes have been updated.  You can review your customer history in the web office to find your customer's favorite colors. If their color is in the updated palette offer them a sample of the new formula.  If their color has been discontinued consult the conversion chart in the What's New to offer them a sample of a similar color, or show them the clearance sale in Campaign 16 so they can stock up on their favorite while it's still available.  

In addition to the great information on the new color products in the What's New, you can also order the Makeup Selling Guide available in the Campaign 19 What's New (order on your Campaign 17 order).  This small investment is jam packed with tips, tools and training to help make you the make up expert:
  • Exclusive product information
  • Consumer insight
  • Selling Tips
  • Conversation starters
  • Selling full looks to increase sales
  • Shade selector tools
  • Swatch sheets
I also recommend making AvonProductsInc one of your favorites on  There you will find the official videos about all of our makeup lines, complete with application tutorials.  There are also many talented Avon Representatives who post their own how-to videos.  Again, share your favorites with your customers and social networks to set your self up as their go to source for all things makeup.

Most of all, get a few demos of the new products and just play.  Some of my best makeup looks and application tips have come from just being willing to play in my makeup.


Unfortunately one of the less than pleasant things about having your own business is people who make their living by scamming hard working people.  There is a particular type of scammer who tends to target online, independent retailers like direct sales representatives and people who sell on ebay, craigslist and the like.  Here is what to watch out for and how to protect yourself.

Typically the scam will start with a "contact me" request through your website.  The prospect will only include an name and email address and no other information.  While a contact request with only an email address does not automatically mean the contact is a scammer, in my experience most genuine prospects will include a phone number or address. 

Because there is always a chance it is a real prospective customer you send them a message asking how you can help.  They will reply and thank you for your quick response.  They will want to place a big order, often with multiples of each item, and they will not want to handle the payment or delivery of the order in the typical way.  

They will say they are from outside of your area but want to deal with you personally, usually because they will be coming to your area for some kind of business or event which is what they need the products for. Most often they will tell you that they cannot make the purchase online because they don't have or can't use a credit card.  They will ask for the address where they can send the check.  If you gave them the info, they would send a check for much more than the amount of the already large purchase and ask you to cash it and either return the excess to them or pay someone for them.  The checks are fraudulent and it will take a few weeks but when the check is found to be fraudulent you are on the hook for the money.
They will either ask you to ship it to an address they will include with the check or say that they will arrange shipping and ask for your address to have their own shipper pick the order up. 

The messages also tend to have really bad grammar, like a computer translated it from a foreign language, and the speech in them just seems unnatural. 

These are just the most common red flags you will see in these messages so if you ever get a message that just doesn't seem right to you, feel free to forward it to me and I can let you know if it looks like a scam. 

To protect yourself in general don't take checks by mail from someone you don't know, especially for a large amount, and don't take checks or money orders for more than the purchase price.  

There really is no reason for you to ship products to a stranger yourself.  Shipping for direct delivery orders through our website is only $3 and that is only if the order is under $30 and there are no free shipping codes available for smaller order.  This is less than you would pay to ship any order via any carrier.  If they can't use a credit card, then they should be looking for a local representative they can meet in person to pay by cash. 

Again if you have any doubt at all about an email order please don't hesitate to call me and remember if it looks too good to be true, it could be and it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Chris Arnold
Avon Gold Leader
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