Friday, July 8, 2011

Increase sales using Helpers


How would you like to increase your sales…without increasing the number of deliveries you have to make each campaign? Business Helpers are a fantastic way to expand your reach to additional customers without a significant increase in the amount of time it takes to service those customers.

What is a Helper? A Business helper is someone who shares their brochure(s) with their personal contacts, takes their orders, collects the payment and delivers the orders.

How can Helpers save you time while increasing your sales? By delivering several orders to a single customer you increase the dollar amount of that customer contact while spending the same amount of time with that customer.

What incentive is there for someone to become a Business Helper? You can reward your business helpers with free product, a discount on their personal order, or a portion of the orders they bring you. My current helper program is to give the helper a discount on their personal order based on how much she brings me in other orders.
If she brings me $50 in orders besides her own I give her 5% off her order
If she brings me $100 in orders besides her own I give her 10% off her order
If she brings me $150 in orders besides her own I give her 15% off her order
This encourages her to work for larger orders to increase her discount, and the orders we get from our helpers will increase our total order, and raise our personal commission percentage on all our orders, which can more than covers the discount given on the helper’s order.

Which customers should you approach about being a Business Helper? Any reliable customer who has a circle of people they know that you don’t. They can share the book with their family, co-workers or any social groups or organizations they may be a member of. Start with the customers who place orders regularly, especially those who work outside of the home. Also look at customers who have expressed an interest in ordering more, but don’t because of money concerns.

Business Helpers are also a fantastic source of recruits for representatives in our Leadership Program. Being a Business Helper lets them try before they buy so to speak. They get to see how successful they will be at finding customers and get a very small taste of what they could earn as a representative. Each campaign you can put a little note in your Business Helper’s order that says “You saved $x.xx this campaign by sharing Avon with your friend and family. As a Representative you could have earned $x.xx on the orders you had this campaign.”

As with all customer orders you will not deliver product without payment in full so your helpers should plan to collect from their customers prior to the scheduled delivery date.


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